Creating the right mindset for your HR transformation

25 Minutes Coffee Break series from 14:00 to 14:25 CET, covering 4 major topics for clients who are starting or have started their HR transformation


Beyond the industry-wide acknowledged need for transformation, is the push to not only re-structure the “hard” organizational aspects, but also the “human” aspects of a business, which concerns employee experience and culture.

HR Transformation means tackling human challenges and considering the impact of such changes for the company and its employees.

In some cases transformation projects fail, because the management may have failed to account that a successful transformation needs to put people first.


In this event, Mark Carroll, Human Experience Management Business Consultant, NTT DATA Business Solutions, will share how CHROs and HR can successfully lead the HR function’s transformation for their organization. Mark Carroll has a long experience of practical HR transformations. He has extensive global experience, including 10 years working in the U.S and more than 25 years working and residing in Europe. He is passionate in helping customers understand the business case, both financial and operational, behind their transformation, and accompanying them through it as part of organizational change management.



The sessions will cover topics such as:

  • The biggest challenges HR leaders face in digital transformation initiatives

  • Guiding principles of HR transformation

  • Strategies and Insights HR leaders can use to determine the right technology and approach for the transformation